Monday, 10 December 2012

One God

...There is only ONE God - Creator of the Heavens, Earth and all Creation. Creator of you and me. If you're a human then God created you. The same God who created me. There's no logic behind giving a human being a status of God because if we are human then we would all want to be God. Let's not elevate anyone to the status of God whether Prophets or Scholars. Some humans are chosen to perform miracles only by God's Will. But they are not God. So God is not human. God is beyond our imagination. God is Light. Moses wanted to see God. He was a chosen Prophet. He was better than you and me. And what happened? God told him to look at the mountain, if it stays in its place then Moses would be able to see God. But as soon as God revealed Himself to the mountain it turned to ashes and Moses lost consciousness. Even the mountain couldn't handle the shear Magnificence of God. God is not human. We are all searching for spirituality and meaning of life. All are in search of the One. God. And God has One message for us all. Worship Him only. *Reflect*.

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