Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy 4th Birthday turBo flow Blog!

Masha'Allah - can you believe it? It's four years today that I launched turBo flow blog and wrote my very first blog post and started my online blogging, vlogging and then entrepreneurship.

Where have the years gone? Subhan'Allah!

I want to take this opportunity to say jazaakumullah khairun and thank you to ALL of you who have been following this blog since four years as well as reading the weekly posts and sharing them.

I am truly grateful and I truly appreciate YOU!

May Allah (swt) reward YOU and your loved ones immensely and answer ALL your duas in this world and next - ameen!

I do have long term plans for turBo flow blog these include pdf reminders (from all the classes I have attended - as you know I'm a student of knowledge) as well as tafsir reminder videos as I memorise the surah's insha'Allah.

Thank you and JazaakAllah khairun for all your patience, love and duas. Please continue to remember me in your duas so I can get the pdf's to you insha'Allah.

Have a fabulous week ahead and always remember to inspire and be inspired and share the khair.

Love and duas always and forever...

Nadia Leona Yunis

AKA turBo flow! (:

Ps: Read my very first turBo flow blog post called; 'I Have Entered into a New World - is this the New World Order?'

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