Monday, 20 January 2014

Are YOU for real?

You know what seriously gets to me? People who are aware that you exist, know what you are doing, in terms of your work, business, brands, workshops, you advertise and put yourself out there, they don't support your work, yet they 'steal' your workshop name and do a conference on it.

These are some Muslims in hijaabs and beards in today's world!

I mean, I'm a helper - I help - that's who I am by default - as well as creative.

I have a workshop which is active since June 2013, it's re-running this year and I have an ebook out on the same topic - and these specific people are fully aware of it, will not support my work and have decided to go ahead and do a conference on that name (with a different tag line - c'mon, they couldn't be THAT obvious now, could they?!).

Like, seriously, are you for real?

I take a few weeks off from social media (3 weeks) to recuperate and plan for 2014 ahead an BOOM they think it's OK to cash in on my creativity? 

What state has this Ummah got itself into that we can't support each other and yet we 'steal' ideas and names just because they have a bigger following on social media and will get more attendees.

Made me extremely upset over the weekend and sick to the stomach.

And writing about it right now is still making me a little angry and upset - but I have worked through my emotions and you know what let them!

You know why? Because my workshop tour is still going ahead, my ebook is still coming out and my networking dinner is still going ahead - insha'Allah.

Some Muslim younguns in their early 20's these days think that they are really clever and have seen the world - erm, nope, there's a long road ahead love!

God showed me what these people are up to, I'm working even harder and God will do justice.

I know you are my awesome follower and reader here - I appreciate you and respect you.

Listen, be yourself - yes take inspiration and motivation from my posts and my brands - and this blog is my very first online venture and brand (I have 11 active brands now alhamdulilah and more to come) and I know how hard it is to get started and get noticed for your work - I've been there since 2008!

But taking someone's workshop or brand name - especially when it is actively out there is seriously not cool at all.

I mean I could take the approach and say; 'Oh, I'm flattered!' But, NO, I'm not - why? You know turBo - I'm all about justice and fairness and being real!

And if you need me for something or need my help - just ask - if i can help you i will - if i can't then i will direct you to someone else who can.

Be real - you have something great to offer the world - be original - you'll be respected for it and you'll succeed in this world and next!

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  1. SubhanalAllah....they are robbers in broad day light.
    i'm always your faithful supporter and if have a means, would like to bring your workshop over here specially for youth commmunity.