Monday, 6 January 2014

Make it Happen - NOW!

So, we are in Day 6 of 2014 - how's it goin' so far?

OK, well, I'm not talking about resolutions and all that (if you have made some then I do hope they work our for you - I believe in YOU!) :)

I'm talking about; 'Enough of the talking and let's just make it happen - NOW!'

See, what happens is that (and of course I've been guilty of this, like totally!) we talk, talk and talk and not only tire out the person we are talking to or ourselves but we even tire out our angels writing on our shoulders.

*Sorry Angels!*

There is a time and place for talking and then there is a time and place for actually going ahead and making it happen!

So your challenge for 2014 (and I just come up with this challenge whilst writing this post right now - how cool is that?) and my challenge also - come on, we're in this together homies - is to stop talking (too much or excessively) and making it happen!

This 2014 make your dreams happen - make them reality - whatever your dreams are - health, work, biz, relationships, life, whatever - have a set time where you talk about them (to yourself, your angels your bestie) and then plan it all out (and yes God is the best of ALL planners - we must always keep tawakul in Him (swt) always) and then just go make it happen.

I for one am going to go make it happen - well, there's a lot to do before I leave planet Earth so - Bismillah-ExCel - and let's make it happen, NOW! 

You with me on this? Comment below and let me know! :)

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