Monday, 31 March 2014

It's a Purification!

It's not what happens to us - but how we handle it and who we become through it.

Each trial and tribulation is purifying us of our sins, helping us to grow stronger and is a step towards our ultimate home - Jannah.

God already knows we can handle it - He (swt) says so in the Qur'an that He does not burden a soul more than it can handle.

I think it's out upbringing and social conditioning which determines our actions and reactions.

If we truly grasp the meaning that we are being purified and we become stronger then we'd all look forward to our trials and tribulations.

Going forward let's check our actions and reactions insha'Allah.

Do they ultimately serve us to become better or make us worse?

I know you want to be a better human.

Go work it! :)

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