Monday, 17 March 2014

What you thinking?

...Do you let the weeds in your garden grow? 

How do they make you feel? 

You eventually sort them out right? 

Time to sort out our thoughts!

And right now is the perfect time - as it's spring - and it's the time of new beginnings.

Take control of your thoughts before they take control of you!

Here's a quick test...

'What are you thinking right now?'


I bet (betting is haraam) that you went completely blank for a split second then.

What does this prove?

It proves that we have control of our thoughts and if a thought pops up in our head then we can zap it instantly.

But here's the thing - you and I are so used to our comfort-pity-zone that we allow one thought to go into another then another and then another!

Did you know that our thoughts shape up our actions and behaviour?

And did you also know that if we keep on thinking thoughts they eventually become our beliefs.

And if we don't stop there then these beliefs become convictions!

It is scary right?

Now go have a reflection moment and think about what you think about and what your beliefs and convictions are.

And if you don't like them then change them.

Sound simple?

It is!

As i always say it's us humans who like to complicate things for ourselves.

Now go think pretty thoughts and have an awesome week ahead! :)

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