Monday, 17 November 2014

Back on Purpose!

You know what's powerful?

When you take time out to reflect, refocus and get back on purpose

I'm all about 'Purpose of Life' as this was a question i was asking whilst meeting people at the young age of 10. 

I was in search of my purpose and why i was here and what i was meant to do. 

I didn't understand why people were just living empty lives like robots. 

Heavens sake i was only 10! 

I was always called; 'Nadia - Janat mein pukarne wali' (the one to call to heaven) as a child. 

My uncle used to visit and every time he said this to me and said this is who i am. 

This is what i heard for the first decade of my life. 

It's no wonder after trials and errors i landed where i was all along - found my purpose and helping you find yours and reconnect you back to Allah. 

And today whilst rehashing my biz plan for my consultancy and brands and the next step to take (i.e. eBooks, podcast, success club, free speaking tour) i stumbled upon the word 'PURPOSE' 3 times!!! 

It's time. 

Let's do this. 


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