Monday, 10 November 2014

Believe Whatever You Want!

This post is real important right now because you'll have an instant personal breakthrough moment - now or later - promise! :)

When we spend time alone and silence our thoughts and reconnect with God - He (swt) will give us the messages that we need to hear which will give us complete clarity in our life and ways to move forward.

Here's what I needed today - and yes, sometimes we hear/read these many times however God always knows when the right time is for us to learn the lesson and when we really need it the most.

This is the message I heard today and it had an instant and profound effect on my soul as right now I needed it the most (I'm just like you lot and need daily reminders too!)

"Believe whatever you want about yourself, about people around you and the world you live in because what you believe is the reality you create for yourself..."

I hope this helps now! :)

1 comment:

  1. ma sha ALLAH, true, doesn't matter how many people think your world isn't ideal, what matters is that you and the people around you are being the best you can be