Tuesday, 27 October 2009

...And Let Your Creative Juices Flow =D

Be Creative! Keep a 'thought-book' (and a pen)! Write down your thoughts, your ideas, your aims and your goals! Its yours!

Be Creative - think creative, live creative and spread creativity! Be Inspired and Inspire all those around you!

Recently i had a library day with my nieces. Whilst walking through the park, chasing the squirrels and kicking the colourful leaves as well as looking for some conkers - i discussed the concept and idea of creativity and how they could be creative and well basically how they can enjoy being themselves and kids. Today, kids are more than eager to become adults. They forget the fun they can have - the innocence. So i decided to sprinkle some creativity dust on them. I got them all inspired and told them that as long as they worship and believe in Allah - follow the right path in life - they can achieve their goals and they can become geniuses. Oh that sparkle in their eyes!
They didn't realise that i had a blog. So i told them how they can use their time more constructively and productively online - forget the online games - learn, learn and learn - you will grow and become geniuses. I inspired them to start their own blog! Its all new for them - but insha'Allah they will develop it further. I even told my elder niece to get her own blog. She loves reading - so i said put your writing talents to use and create a 'Review Blog' - where you give book reviews and get other kids to read. Check out their first blogging attempt: http://wwwkidszone.blogspot.com/ (it will improve insha'Allah).
Let your creative juices flow - don't be afraid to fall - as that is the only way you will learn. don't be afraid to try - how else will you know if you're good at it or not? Keep a 'thought-book' - write, think, write some more, draw sketches, ponder, reflect, look at the beauty around you, reflect on creation and its purpose - and be creative. As i always say - 'let your imagination run wild' - and ofcourse we all know right from wrong - we know good from bad - so no excuse on placing limitations on your imagination - as you will be inspired by the Divine and won't stray.
Inspire the young ones and get them creative. Be around creative people - positive people and come up with those ideas - things you want to do - achieve - projects you want to work on. If you want some tips on starting projects or creative thinking - then drop a comment - i will be more than happy to help.
Allah (swt) blessed me with creativity - and its crazy! I am using it on a daily - benefiting from it and making sure others benefit too. You're special with your very own uniqueness and creativeness - so accept the blessings from your Lord - use them to spread His deen and goodness in the world - and let your creative juices flow - for you never know...where you may go...

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