Sunday, 4 October 2009

Home Sweet Home...'ve been away for work for a while, or maybe you're at university - living on campus - or maybe you've been on a holiday - abroad - and what is that one thing we all say when the plane lands, or the train stops at its destination, or you pull up at your drive way...'ahhh home sweet home'!

Such a beautiful and sweet feeling - no matter where you travel in the world - or have been to stay at your friends for the weekend - you come back to your 'home sweet home'.

Why do we say this? Because its our home and its where we feel at peace, comfort and protected, right?
But is a home always sweet?....No! Its not sweet for everyone - and in fact for many it may be very bitter and sour!
There are many reasons why a home becomes bitter and sour. Allah (swt) has laid down the law for us and the Prophet (pbuh) showed us how to implement it in our lives. But man by nature is forgetful - and sometimes this forgetfulness can lead us to sorrow - and broken homes.
We all want faithful partners, pious children and - a sweet home. But if all your dreams of a 'home sweet home' seem to be - well just dreams and not reality - you may be asking - 'what went wrong?' and 'how can i make things better?'
Alkauthar Institute UK brings you another mind blowing course which will leave you all as sweet as honey! - all you have to do is attend the latest course 'Home Sweet Home' in Manchester on Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th October 2k9 and you could turn your dreams of a sweet home into reality.
The Prophet salallahu alahi wassalam said, "The best amongst you is the best towards his family. As for me, I am the best amongst you towards my family." Ibn Majah
What better example to learn from than our beloved Prophet himself!
Check out the following trailers and enrol online NOW! Spaces are limited so don't loose your chance of getting your home sweet home!
Come....drink from the fountain of Alkauthar!

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  1. Wht an amazin course it was. jazakh sis for advertisin xx