Saturday, 17 October 2009

Thank YOU Global Familia...

...just taking a moment to thank each and every one of you who have recently stopped bye on turBo flow blog and read the blogs, commented, enjoyed, learned, got inspired and came back for more...
From me to all of you - because you have all visited, not only from the UK, but from the East to the West and from the North to the South - thank you! :)
This blog started out as me being curious and entering the world of blogging (please see my very first post - 'I Have Entered A New World'). I love reading and writing - and have actually written a few short stories myself - its hard getting published - and takes a lot of time. So, what better way to get my thoughts across than start this blog!
As you have read - my blogs are not consistent on one topic - or written on a daily or weekly basis. My aim was just to start a blog - write what comes to my head and see where it goes...'not your average flow...'
Sometimes I do get a writers and thinkers block - as would any writer or thinker - but I blogged on topics which - well I felt were necessary to blog at the time of blogging. You will notice that it is quite different from other blogs - but...well...that makes me who I am, different :)
Continue to browse through the blogs - all good which may come from them and which you are inspired by - are truly from the blessings of the Divine - and any mistakes are strictly and only mine and from the evil of my own soul - 'to err is to human and to forgive Divine'...
I have added some unique touches to this blog. If you scroll down you will find an aquarium - with lots of fishes - don't forget to feed them! Just click on your mouse or laptop pad thing and watch the food appear...too childish? Not really - as many of you may have fish tanks at home and there is a reason why I have them there - symbolic. Did you know that even the fish in the deep seas make supplication for the righteous believers who teach good to others? Exactly! So every time I look at them, they remind me (and inspire me) that somewhere out there on our planet - there may be a fish or two supplicating for me - and that very supplication may be my ticket to Jannah! (...just maybe)...stop...reflect...ponder....deeeeeeeeep!
Immediately below the fishes are websites for you all to visit - some are projects i'm working on, some I have benefited from and some newcomers on to the scene (i'm promoting!) visit them - if I have benefited then insha'Allah you will to.
There's also an 'Astronomy picture' of the day - and I thought that was very cool - and plus I learnt a lot about our solar system from there. I will try and put up another little section for all your other feedback (you can always feedback on the blogs).
Do stop bye again and have a read - pass on to all your contacts and loved ones - if you have benefited from something - share it. Get all the teenagers on here as well - I think they will like the unique style of blogging!
Also - I wont promise that this blog will become daily - as really I am involved with alot of projects and study right now - but I will try my best. If you are hungry for me - then let me know - am here to blog for you!
Coming up in some of the blogs - besides my complete randomness - are some five to six topics on human rights - what its all about - some other topics linking to it - so you gotta keep it here! As I said, I won't be able to make it daily - the above topics are defo in the pipelines - and I guess the best way to stay informed is to subscribe and join - thank you to the four people who already have - i'm assuming that once a new blog is published you get an email alert - which is a good way to find out when the next new blog will be published - but until then - if you already haven't - then there's alot to read!
And once again - if you have landed here - however - via your very own custom made spaceship - then thank YOU for popping round to turBo flow - I am humbled by your arrival - my guest - my friend and my extended familia.
Enjoy your day or evening wherever you are across the globe and stay blessed and beautiful and keep me in your prayers!
oops..almost forgot - this blog is for all who want to be inspired - so no matter what your religion - come round and have a read - and if you like? then pass on to all your friends too! :)

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