Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Media and Mind Control!

...Now this is a very powerful medium! One which can easily control your thoughts, feelings and actions and you don't even realise what influenced you!
Media a medium for information or Mind Control?
A theme which is running through some of my blog posts is that everything in life has a plus and a minus - a positive and a negative - a good and a bad. They co-exist side by side - it wouldn't be called 'life' if we didn't have two opposites - a choice to make - which path shall we walk upon - what decision to make - what will lead to my success and what will lead to my failure. Now this is life and we all have to live it and right now you and I are living it.
So again with media there is the good and the bad. We believe that media can inform us - of events around us, educate us - open our minds and expand our thinking - but when we watch TV or listen to music how much of it is consciousness and how much subconsciousness.
What if we switched on the TV or popped on some music on the radio after a long time - would we fall straight back into it and be deeply engrossed in it or would we be aware of what we are watching and listening to and naturally questioning it? I think that once we stop listening to music or watching TV and go back to it after a long time we are more aware of what message it is giving us and therefore we automatically start questioning it.
But when something has been part of your life for like forever - since childhood - we become indoctrinated - and we don't question it no more.
The devil took a vow a long long time ago and he said that he would take people to the fire with him, those that listen and transgress their own souls and the divine Scriptures and message. He, the devil, said that he will attack them from their fronts, behinds, lefts, rights and forever be ready to whisper devilish thoughts to man (and woman!). To some he is known as Satan, to some Iblis or Shaytaan, to some Lucifer the fallen angel, to some Raven and I'm sure he has many other names - but he is one and he is the same - Devil!
Media has made an immense impact on our lives for decades now - and when as a child we are put infront of the TV then lo behold - the indoctrination begins. And we just simply say, 'there is no harm to it - its only a cartoon/children's program'. But how many programs are truly actually children's programs - Ive watched them, grew up on them and am sure you can all relate to them also.
There are also many who have 'sold their souls to the Devil' - in return for what??? Worldly goods? Which, when we die, remain behind? Well unless you believe in the whole mummification thing and want take Poodle your cute chiwawa with you - and so you write it in your will that when you die please ask the vets to give him the lethal injection so he can accompany you to the next world and be your BBF - best friend like forever since clearly you didn't have any friends on planet earth - then remember, once you leave this world - everything remains behind! Even Poodle!
But alas - there are some knit wits who have decided to 'worship' Satan and work for him - so hey where better to start to screw up your mind forever than when you're a baby - because by the time you reach your teens - its all 'natural' now and part of your lives - its not the same without.
Media is another one of those technological advancements which are here to aid us in our existence to do good. I'm on the radio, I'm writing this blog, I write short stories, I was an editor for a magazine back in the days (set it up at college from scratch and very successful alhamdullilah) so media, after Islam, writing and law is next in life for me - I fall into it naturally - but I use it to do good and spread good and also be aware of that which is negative and the message it is trying to send.
Some use media to advance their hatred towards others - whoever those others are across the globe - could be you and I. Others want us to grow up and become immoral, unethical and without principles. Our children are our future - when we were their age, we were the future - lets ask ourselves - what difference have we made? And has media shaped our thoughts, feelings and actions.
Mind-control is to control your thoughts and behaviour so you believe in a certain thing and act in a certain way. Just ask yourselves - what kind of individual you want to be? Why were you put here on earth or better still why were you created? And how can YOU make a difference in the world - or even your own world.
Don't let anyone control your mind - don't let the system control you - don't become robots - you are humans and geniuses - not machines!
Don't forget to watch 'The Arrivals' - if you haven't already (Ive watched it four times!) - if you live like a hermit (i like the hermit life) time to come out and see what is truly happening in the world.
The mind is a powerful tool which can bring out the genius in you and lead you to many developments - with the blessings and the will of the Divine - don't let the devil take it from you - its Yours!

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