Thursday, 24 December 2009

...turBo flow is One Year Old today!

...Subhan'Allah - a year already? - WOW!
Again, a thank you to you all - for visiting, reading, being inspired and commenting!
Lots more coming up in the next 12 months, God-Willing, more Friday Reminders, more weekly blogs, some inspirational ebooks - all for you all! :)
Besides the blog, I'm also working on alot of different projects, work, studies, so with all that I will keep you all posted - especially with my projects/businesses which I'm setting up (one is already in its 5th week - but more to come and get you all involved) Ive got a very, very busy 12 months coming up - please do keep me in your prayers! :)
I have to say that I didn't know how this blog was going to turn out - but seriously - I have truly been inspired by you all - across the globe - turBo flow truly has become global! :)
OK, its not all me blogging today - i actually have a gift for you all - actually two!
I have two ebooks for you all - one was written when I was at college (years ago!) and one slightly recent as well as another in the making (the two ebooks are for teens but trust me, whatever age you are, you will enjoy them!)
Its from me to you all - to say thank you! :)
But i can't upload them here - (yup, that was the aim - to upload them here, didn't work lol) so - if you would like these two ebooks, for yourselves or gifts for the teens in your life then please email me on and in the subject line put 'ebooks' then I will send the ebooks to you all - promise! :)
So keep visiting, keep reading, keep commenting and please spread the word - if you have been inspired then invite all others to be inspired - truly I am inspired by the Divine to inspire you all - so email me asap to get your two free ebook gifts now! :)

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