Saturday, 28 November 2009

Cyber Attacks fast becoming Cyber Warfares!

Over the years and decades there have been many technological advancements and progressions. The Internet has quickly become number one in our lives. Almost everything now is done on the net - which is a little scary! Socialising and making friends? - On the net. Buying and selling? - On the net. Studying and learning? - On the net. Finding a life partner??? - On the net?!.
As discussed in one of the previous posts the Internet can be used for both good and bad - so I'm not going to blog about or lists all the good and bad - but will look at something which has been in the media a lot lately - so many of you will be aware of it and many wont (just depends if you keep up with the news and stuff).
Human beings have been immensely blessed by the Creator with so many skills and abilities - skills and abilities which help us further our existence - fulfil our goals and aims and make the most of our lives - well we only have one life on planet earth!
The Internet can help us study online to further our skills in a particular field and we can still work full time. So its a good thing - but many people across the globe are using their skills and abilities to cause harm to others. If one is suffering from psychological issues then I strongly suggest that one seeks medical assistance immediately - for you have to be a fool to be wasting your sills and abilities harming others - and not helping others! And what precisely is one achieving by doing wrong? A little fame? But for how long? Your harming yourselves as well as others and that is not the purpose of creation!
As the Internet is advancing so are people skills and abilities. Once upon a time you had hackers and they thought they were cool or 'geniuses' - but when your behind bars then well you're not a genius anymore are you, genius?!
The whole hacking business led to cyber attacks - on individuals, on corporations, educational institutions and governments . Alot of damage was done. They thought they were one step ahead and they would get away with it - but not for long.
And now what do we have?
Cyber Attacks has become Cyber Warfare! Forget the army training, battlefields and loss of life - we are talking about Warfare via invisible means (through the wires!).
Basically cyber warfare is using the Internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace. It is carried out by small individual groups to large groups - warfare on governments and nations.
From the website on the 17th of November 2009 we have the following; "Dave DeWalt, the president and CEO of McAfee, said in a statement, "[S]everal nations around the world are actively engaged in cyberwar-like preparations and attacks." These include China, France, Israel, Russia, and the U.S., and it's no secret that the members of this group aren't all on great terms. What's more, cyberwarfare's barrier to entry is so low in comparison to traditional hostilities (a roomful of computers vs. thousands of men, tanks, and airplanes) that lots of other countries are almost sure to pursue the idea. Then, if and when the virtual bullets start flying, things could get really nasty. McAfee reported, "Attackers are not only building their cyberdefenses, but cyberoffenses, targeting infrastructure such as power grids, transportation, telecommunication, finance and water supplies, because damage can be done quickly and with little effort."
What happened to traditional ways of getting your point across? And its not individuals who are going to be harmed - masses - so the need? Personally I think this has gone too far - seriously, if you are reading this and are involved in it - then kindly leave my blog as its not for people like you! - and you're the fools here - you have to meet your Creator one day soon - so honestly I hope you have a speech ready to justify your actions - as it aint gona work!
Wasting precious time in life on something like cyberwar when you could be doing so much to help people - educate people, create job opportunities - yes we have issues with our governments, there's corruption, money-laundering, terrorism - but ultimately it leads to YOUR destruction. Come online and use the net for useful stuff - become useful in life - not engage in warfare - you have a point to make , situations to change - then get up, make an action plan and try to change the situation - many in our past have - they didn't resort to violence - they taught, the suffered, they worked hard and they persevered - and they achieved! For both you and I.
And for all those who weren't aware about this new warfare - then be vigilant and watch what you do (don't panic) but don't engage with dodgy people online - especially if you have never spoken to them before and if you want to change a situation wherever you are then make an action plan, put all your skills and abilities on the table and make the change - it will happen.
For those who engage in cyber criminality - then don't forget, your time will come - behind bars as well as the fire of hell! Hope you're prepared for that warfare! :)

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