Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year, A New Decade!

Its 2010 AD - wow - that sounds very weird! Recently it was also the Islamic New Year - known as Muharram - and the year? Its 1431 AH (after Hijrah - the migration of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from Mecca to Medina).
Islam is 1400 years old and it has accomplished alot - yet it has also lost alot.
You only have to turn the pages in a history book to realise the contribution Islam made throughout the 1400 years from medicine to schools to architecture to the home to education to society and mankind as a whole. If it wasn't for the early Muslim pioneers and inventors then we wouldn't have had all the technological and medical advancements that we have today.
But, somewhere, something went terribly wrong. From Muslim pioneers to Muslim prisoners!
The world we live in today, you and I, its crazy! We look into history and are amazed - they, back in the days, achieved so much with so little and today we have so much yet we are achieving so little!
The last decade - the Millennium - brought with it suicide bombings and terrorist attacks across the globe. There were more natural disasters (and everyday disasters!) and political uproar.
This new decade, 2010, has seen the launch of the tallest building in Dubai (earlier today) - why? To compete with the rest of the world on an unprecedented level - and the debt? Ah, well, the neighbours (Abu Dhabi) stepped in to bail them out! (everybody needs good neighbours!)
No doubt this decade is set to be yet another in medical, technological (and world?) advancements - some good, some bad, some just down right pathetic - but hey it is life and it wouldn't be life if we didn't have the doofases doing what they do best - being doofases!
So - a New Decade - what is in store for you? You have any plans? Ofcourse, man plans and God is the best of all planners - but if we didn't plan then that would mean we don't believe in tomorrow, another day, another chance (to do right, seek forgiveness, and spread the goodness) - so we plan.
My 12 months are all mapped out for me - God Willing I shall be able to get all the things done. Its looking like an extremely busy year for me - but its all for the good so I'm looking forward to the challenge (turBo thrives on challenges). But if my friend (Angel of Death) has been ordered to take my soul - then i shall surrender (well, not that I have a choice in that matter) but its all good - for in this world there is only one certainty and that is death :)
So whatever your plans, hope all works out for you - remember the favours of your Lord - do what is right and learn from past mistakes - make the most of each day as it may be your (my) last - lets keep up with our prayers and remembrance of God - and Jannah must be won - so we have to strive in this world to attain the highest station of Paradise in the next world - eternal life!
Hopefully this decade brings some change - world peace? - lets all get together and make a difference - in our own lives, those of our loved ones and those less fortunate than ourselves across the globe (any ideas hollah at me).
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