Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Life Coaching Course - Read and Apply!

Have you ever attended a 'Life Coaching Course'? Are you a Certified Life Coach? Or, are you interested in this area?

Well, turBo is really interested in this area and business number 3 (due to launch officially in November 2010) will have an element of 'Life Coaching' to it - but I'm not intending on being a Life Coach - though if you all ever need to talk and get things of your chest - I'm all ears :D

I recently attended an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) course in London (15th April) - I was very sick and did some serious train and underground missions all the way to the Ibis Hotel at Earls Court. It was an intro to the course, but could have enjoyed it just that little extra if I was feeling just that little bit better and if that NLP baba wasn't so vulgar! (He wasn't a Brit!)

So, next weekend I'm off to my first Life Coaching course and real excited - going with my best buddy and her sister, so should be lots of fun. And here's the even cooler part. My mate forwarded the email to me (I didn't even know the Academy existed) applied and got chosen to attend in less than 24hrs (they said it takes 3 days to decide!).

...Sooooooo, would you like to attend??? Guess how much it actually costs? 500 pounds and if you get selected its absolutely...........FREE! For the whole two days!

I will be at the Leeds course, so if you come - hollah! And if you attend any of the courses, let me know how it went - and I'll post up my experience after the course!

Happy Life Coaching! :D

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