Monday, 10 May 2010

The World is on FIRE!

Latest and Exclusive News - Heard here first on turBo flow - 'The World is on FIRE!'

...well, its not up in flames as such - but all you have to do is turn on the news channels and - good Lord! (if you don't have a TV set at home then - I see your point now!) :)

What happened to the good ol' days eh? *Nostalgic Moment* (go on - have your lil moment too - close your eyes and take yourself back to the days when you were an innocent little flower - ever so eager to blossom and enter the world that you thought would bring you so much happiness and joy - oh those lovely lovely days...)

OK, back to reality and present time - not everyone had a good childhood (those who suffered of illness maybe, child abuse, oppression, war etc) their innocence was ripped away from them - so all they probably wanted was to grow up and live for themselves - or do something which would change their condition and the condition of those around them.

No, but seriously - is it a sign of the end times? It could be the beginning of the end... *X-Files theme music*...

The Volcanoe - and the entire world came to a standstill - talk about testing ones patience - but seriously we all have bigger volcanoes to worry about than the Icelandic one!

Greece has debt issues - riots!

Didn't China or somewhere have an earthquake n all?

Oh and UK hung itself! (ah common Mr PM's - it ain't that bad!)

But in all the gloom and doom we still have - FAITH and HOPE - and if we loose either then we loose ourselves. Life's a test and without being tested we will never appreciate our existence on this planet - or appreciate any other creature for that matter.

I hope and pray that wherever you are life is being just and fair to you - turBo's motto is 'Justice and Fairness' and if not then fear not - your time shall come! :)

Hollah back and let me know how your doing - I know many of you are visiting from across the globe - I do hope you enjoy some of the posts - there's about 63 or 64 in total - so even if the first few seems crap to you - don't give up as there are some fantastic posts to keep yourselves entertained with as well as some 'Be Inspired' Vids (hopefully have another one coming this Friday).

I'm still sick - slow slow recovery - so keep me in your prays! :)

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