Thursday, 27 May 2010

Secrets to Success...

...What are they?

You may have read many books, articles, journals on this topic as well as attended lectures, seminars and courses - and you may have benefited from them all (that's their purpose and even turBo benefits from them) - but do we actually 'take action' after reading these books or attending these seminars - or are we of those who like a 'quick fix' to give us that confidence boost.

Ah-ha! That word - 'Confidence' (read previous post on this topic).

This post is based on my thoughts and feelings as well as what I have learnt from the above. It also helps me through the rough patches - so I hope you benefit from this post and it helps you out if you're in a 'rough patch'.

Before embarking on a project or becoming a leader - as in setting up your own business or an organisation - we need to have a check list of the basics and work through them to better ourselves. Some may say that these basics are knowledge, skills, courses etc - and that we need to continuously work on these throughout our lives or even through the project or business we are setting up. It is true that these skills or the basics can be obtained whilst embarking on a project or whilst being fully involved in it - but personally I feel that some things need to be checked beforehand and we need to work on them.

Anyone can be a leader and a good worker in any given field. I believe in putting 150% in everything I do - yes I do strive to do the best - because I look to my pious predecessors and take them as my example - I mean who brought the entire Europe out of the Dark Ages - yup, you guessed it! :D (Err, NO! It was Bush or Bin Laden - it was the true ambassadors of Islam who were not only God-fearing but sincere in their intentions in everything they did!)

The basics - what are they?
I believe that they involve our own personalities and character. Lets not use the excuse of 'broken homes' and 'underprivileged something something' and 'lack of opportunities' - because although turBo recognises and appreciates that that exists (turBo does not judge nobody!) she also originally comes from a ghetto - and she made it - how? because she wanted to make it and she put in 150%!
Not only that but faith in the Almighty - the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and everything in between and yes, you and I!

Firstly - Faith
- in the One who Created you - and the belief that if it is written for you then it will surely happen. Now that is not to say that if it is not written in your destiny, you don't try at all - because if you don't try - you won't know! Its about accepting it - its meant to be it will be - if not, lets move on!

Secondly - Intention and Sincerity
- for me these two go together. Intending to do it for the sake of God only and that there is a reason why God put me on earth so I gotta do what i gotta do (the good that is and helping to make a difference). Also being sincere in what one does - remembering and going back to the intention at all times - if you are not sincere - then it ain't gonna happen! Also - these need to be checked continuously throughout our lifetime - so we work on these always.

Thirdly - Character and Personality
- what is it with the arrogance? aggression? jealousy? envy? (the deadly sins) - how has that helped anyone ever? Arrogance was the main reason the Devil got his behind kicked out of heaven! There is no need for it. Its the Devils whisperings - and again we need to work on it - but trust me - you put your heart, mind, soul, blood, sweat, tears into something then you can do it! So stop hating, start rating and do something!

There are also many other character traits I could mention - but you get the gist of it. And personality - walk into a room and light it up with your goodness, sincerity and pureness and be a star that shines - and helps everyone to achieve our main goal and purpose in life - worship of the One true God! Go on, be a STAR!

Fourthly - Passion
- not the deadly sin type - but being passionate and eager and happy in what you do and what you want to do and achieve - and work hard to achieve it. Put in the hours, put your mind to it and you'll succeed.

For me these are some of the basics - maybe you will agree and maybe you will disagree - its all good - however, do take some time to ponder over these.

Secrets to Success is not only about the skills we learn, the knowledge we gain and the courses we attend - yes they aid us in our mission in life and that is their purpose - but also to recognise what God has blessed us with and how to utilise those 'gifts'

We need to work on our personality and character - and admit it - however appealing some services or goods may be - you're unlikely to purchase or use them if the person behind them is - urm - well - lets be polite - crap!

If these basics are checked and continuously checked and worked on then I believe that all other factors relating to Success will further aid us in what we do (business, project, etc).

Oh, and do take from the successful around you - and next time you listen to their audios or attend their seminars or read their books - check out their personality and character - not to judge them - but to see how it fits in with being successful.

We all have our inner 'Secrets to Success' - I hope you enjoy unleashing yours and putting them into practise :)

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