Monday, 26 July 2010


Have you ever looked out your bedroom window at night and stared at the starry night?

Have you ever been out in the open - fields or something - and looked up at the night sky - full moon and lots and lots of stars?

Beautiful isn't it? :)

The wonders of Creation - 'So which of your Lord's Favours will YOU deny?' (Surah Rahman of the Holy Qur'an) - all praise to the Creator!

The Qur'an talks about the night sky, about the sun, the moon and about day and night - its an amazing Book - if you've never picked up and read the translation - I hope you do, as truly it will transform your entire existence!

Ive always been fascinated with the world of the unseen, space and the solar system - its just amazing!

So after years of wondering and pondering - Ive found an online beginners course, 'Astronomy' and will be enrolling onto it in October (alongside my niece!) - can't wait, seriously though - turBo is ecstatic! :D

Let me know (and all the blog followers) of your 'Astronomy' experiences (from studying a full university degree - to just simply opening your bedroom window and gazing at the night sky).

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