Monday, 27 December 2010

A Time to Reflect...

...So, I won't blog about new years resolutions as we all know that only 5% of us (yes, that was my very own made up statistics) ever keep to them and I'm one of those guilty personas who has done this and officially gave up on them some time ago!

However, I will talk about something which I read myself and thought, 'hmmm', yes, indeed, you make sense!

So here goes!

Since this is the time when people are in a festive mood - whether or not you celebrate it as a religious event or not - if you're in the west right now then you're on holiday from work, school, college, university etc - so its basically holiday season. And since new year is just, what, 4 days away you will be thinking about the year gone past - what you have achieved, what you thought you would achieve but didn't get round to it for whatever reason, and what you would do for the rest of your life - or well maybe the next 12 months.

For me this year has been plagued with illness, and though i may seem to dramatise it with my words it truly wasn't as bad as some people have had it this year - but for me it was pretty bad - between life and death - that's what illness does, it really brings it home to you that one day poooof you'll be gone...

So I've read that this is a fantastic time for self-reflection and although in a previous post I did say that we should at least spend the last 10 minutes of each night reflecting - a daily routine which we should establish - this is one of those best times to pull out your journal and to reflect and write down all the positives that have happened this year, all the negatives and then on a fresh sheet of paper, make a mind map of the next 12 months and all that you wish to achieve and all that you desire. Yes, death may come to us at any moment - however we were all sent on this earth to achieve something - and if the Angel of death comes to you before you achieved your dream - then at least depart this world knowing that you made all the necessary plans and preparations for it - as who knows who may continue your dream and legacy when you're gone.

Ive got many dreams and many have become a reality and many are yet to become reality. The next 24months (yes 24!) are going to be crazier than this year and I'm looking forward to each and every second of it. Something tells me that it will definitely have a lot of craziness and ups and downs - but, hey, it wouldn't be life then would it?

So grab your journal and get writing and planning and remember to keep your intentions and sincerity pure - and remember why you are doing it - for the greater good of this world and humanity - and watch your destiny unfold and your dreams become reality - and God is the best of all planners!

With all my prayers and love - I wish you all the success in your lives! :)

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