Friday, 24 December 2010

...turBo flow is 2 years old Today!, subhan'Allah!

What another amazingly fantastically crazy year in the blogging world!

Thank You - dearest readers - each and everyone - from each and every corner of the Globe - for popping by, reading, commenting and appreciating this blog!

If it wasn't for all your support and appreciation I probably wouldn't be still here blogging today.

I do have to apologise to you all. As you know I blog for you all on a Monday, but I fell terribly sick in the early hours of Monday morning, and I'm still a little dysfunctional! So all your prays are needed peeps.

Well, what else is coming up in the next year? Gosh, where do I begin? If this year wasn't crazy and busy enough, the next is set to be yet the craziest and busiest - God Willing.

Lots more to do and launch and please do subscribe to the blog (become a public subscriber, its nice to know who is following this blog and from where in the world). You could email your friends about turBo flow blog, you could tweet us or facebook us! I mean, if you have enjoyed it and have benefited from anything (all good is from God alone and the mistakes are mine) then share that benefit with your loved ones - and let them know about a blog which is truly 'not your average'!

I hope wherever you are in the world you would like to be part of some of the projects that I have launched and will be launching, God Willing. On the right hand side of this blog you will see all the different sections ie 'home', 'projects' etc - here I will be letting you know of all that I'm going to be getting up to and how you can be part of my turBo land! I will also blog about my upcoming ventures to keep you updated and so you all know when its time to join.

Currently I'm finishing off my final year for my third degree and a thesis for my Masters degree as well as a postgraduate law practical and some intensive classical studies. I'm also working on a international project with some fantastic sisters, Knowledge Seekers Club and Knowledge Seekers Sisters Circle (new classes and product line launching soon) and a fantastic new venture which insha'Allah will change my existence to help you in your existence in this world, very soon - ohhhh, things will never be the same again! I'm extremely excited yet extremely nervous. I've been waiting my whole life for this - and I had my breakthrough a couple of weeks ago - and finally my ultimate question was answered, 'What is my purpose in this world' and before you all say, 'it's to worship the One, true God', well, yes, I know that, and that is the main purpose we are all here - but each and everyone of us has been sent to this world to accomplish something, that ultimate purpose for being - like some are meant to be teachers, some lawyers, some politicians, some activists - so, well I've found mine (finally!) and all I will say at this point is - get ready get set for a roller coaster ride - full 150% turBo flow peeps! (Oh and I'm doing lots of other crazy stuff also!)

Ok, I better be going now. Once again, thank you all for appreciating this blog - you truly are my global familia! :)

Enjoy the holidays and the snow and remember, '...its not your average flow, its turBo flow'!

Ps - if you still don't know why I'm called turBo, then check out the very first blog post i wrote on 24th December 2008!

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