Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Big Freeze and Islamic New Year 1432 AH

...before you start scratching your topi's and hijaabs - or heads - I know what you're - 'what has the big freeze gotta do with the Islamic New Year?'

Well - nothing really - I'm just doing the whole 'kill two birds with one stone' thing!

NB: turBo flow does not promote the stoning of innocent birds! Just make sure you have four legal eagles who can testify to their innocence!

Those birds and the bees! Animals!

Basically I'm trying to cover two topics in one as it's quicker than writing two separate posts - and so here is my attempt of making two completely opposite topics make sense in one!

Britain is seeing (or feeling more like it) a second year of very cold weather, snow, sleet, ice and school closures - and we can thank our Eastern Europe allies for that!

The English have a thing about moaning - about everything - hot weather; 'Oh my God, its so hot', cold weather; 'Oh my God, its so cold'! What?!

Get a grip fellow Brits! You ungrateful ladoos!

Patience - learn patience - for only patience can bring you through hardship. And let's take a moment and think about all those across the globe without a house right now, without adequate clothing, no shoes, torn clothes, very little food and no water for many days - and what about those little angels - those children - picture them for a moment shivering, tears turning to ice...

Basically - my point is think outside the box - outside of your own box for a moment and think about everyone else in the world - at least you have a roof over your head!

Patience...practise it and watch your life being transformed...

Which brings me to my next topic - its the Islamic New Year 1432 AH - the month is called Muharram - and instead of me going into great detail about the month and its significance - which I could and I think I should - I'll just leave you with some advice - which is to myself firstly and foremostly (I ain't no preacher teacher!) - at the beginning of the 'New Year' we usually make resolutions - which never go beyond January - and if you have succeeded in yours then congrats - you rock! - so lets make a resolution - 'we shall learn to be more patient' - simple and to the point - as Islam teaches us and its in may verses of the Qur'an - 'seek help in patience and prayer'.

Without patience, my dear readers, we will not succeed in this life, let alone the next, and without patience we will not be able to handle the ups and downs we go through. Just look at those young children, homeless, clothless, foodless, shivering in the cold - yet they go to sleep with a dream - a dream that it will get better - and wake up in the morning thanking God for another day - to hope and dream that soon it will all be OK.

*Reflection Moment*....

Let's be grateful for what we have! 'So which of your Lord's favours will you deny?!' (Holy Qur'an - Surah Rahman).

(notice how many exclamations there are in this post!)

(ps - did you figure the missing link - between the two posts?)

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