Monday, 21 March 2011

Bloggers Block!

...I have it!

So, like, its not a 'block' where all bloggers get together and discuss their latest rants - though it could be - I mean why not? - but its like a writers block and I don't have anything to blog about! However, in saying that, I've just written three lines and I'm still talking, or, erm, writing.

I blog every Mondays - I've scheduled it in my diary - and its a good habit I've formed - so that's why, even though I don't have a specific topic for today, I'm still here blogging - it's become my Monday habit and to not do it on a Monday - well it just feels wrong now!

Sometimes you all do get lucky and there may be more posts during the week - but we stick to Mondays - its a blessed day - well every day is a blessed day if you (we) wake up alive - we should give thanks that we woke up alive and we have another day to do some more good and ask forgiveness for any wrong.

***Reflection Moment***

We haven't had one of these for a while have we?

OK, so, for today's post I invite you all (and myself) to have a 'Reflection Moment'!

This is your moment (or mine) and reflect upon whatever you want to reflect upon.

Sometimes its good just to think and ponder and reflect and not talk - or write.

So I'm going to sign off for this week and leave you all to 'Reflect' on your chosen reflection piece.

Oh, by the way - ***Monday 28th March*** - two ***BIG things*** happening - a very special day *ahem - hint* and also launch of something spectacular!

You'll hear/read about it here on Monday 28th March - so, don't go nowhere!!! :D

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