Monday, 14 March 2011

Don't Hate - Time to Rate!

...In recent months I have come across a lot of issues which involve people hating on one another - and before you say; 'that's an old phenomenon turBo!' - I agree with you - but are we going to continuously live like this? Who is to blame? History? That's long gone and it's up to us to make our present positive and sow the seeds for a better future.

As a Muslim I've studied my religion a lot - since I was 14 - I have always been close to God, from a tiny age - but 14 was the age when I decided to tread the path of Islam and become a spiritual, religious and holistic human being.

My motto in life is; 'Justice and Fairness' and I shall forever be a student of knowledge and I'm a people person.

In Islam we learn that there is no compulsion in religion and neither is there any rules or protocols promoting or condoning mobbish and thuggish behaviour!

If I don't know something I will say; 'I don't know!' and since I'm an extremely passionate being (you know turBo is all about 150% Excel Mode!) I will go out and research, talk to different people about that particular subject or topic and then draw my own conclusions. If i don't know something, then I will leave it out - I mean, why cause more brain pain, when my energy could be used for something more concrete and constructive.

Yet there are many people out there who are ready to harm another human being because their views are different, because they don't understand the topic and you know what - its their ego and arrogance!

Wasn't the devil thrown out of Paradise because he was arrogant and he wouldn't obey God's command of bowing to Adam, saying that he, the devil, was made from fire, whilst Adam was made of clay.

Too many haters out there in the world - too many amongst the Muslims as well! Too many who feel that they know better than the Scholars and who even have the audacity to hand a fellow brother a 'death threat'? Why? Because you didn't agree with the opinions and views and you decided to take matters into your own hands?!

The end is definitely near! These sad low life individuals really need to take a closer look at their lives and stop wasting it by ruining others lives and make something of their own lives - for there will be a lot for us all to account for on the Final Day.

Go back to the Book and the Teachings - and if we claim to be upon it then we need to follow it and not follow our whims and desires.

The negative actions of such people are truly inspired by the whisperings of the evil of their own souls.

Its not too late to change ourselves and be the people who we are meant to be.

Don't Hate - Time to Rate. Live and Let Live!

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