Monday, 20 June 2011

Beach Party

...Isn't that such a beautiful picture of the beach? It was taken on Saturday 18th June 2011 at Western-Super-Mare, which is off the coast of Bristol.

It was a family day out - well half the family - the other half weren't able to go.

I decided the Sunday before that I wanted to go - kinda a 'last minute dot com' thing - and then dragged mama with me!

I got real excited about it - you know kiddy excited lol.

Though my schedule is off the hook right now and I have so much study and biz work to do I decided to go - short break - clear the clutter.

It was a rocktastic day - I made a vlog and will upload it when its edited (niece is editing it). I had a very hard bang on the head - and I mean 'VERY' hard - I can now, after 48 hours, feel the aftermath - its painful!

Beach was beautiful - golden sand - all clean - brand new 'Grand Pier', went indoor Go-Karting - spent time on the beach walking, pondering, reflecting and making dhikr.

Tide was out and didn't come back til very late - and we had to leave - so missed the sea water splashing on my feet - usually the highlight of beach day - but never mind.

Nieces and nephews enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed spending a whole day with them.

***Take-away*** - to spend more family time together - outside of home and to take frequent breaks.

***Wish-Time*** - to travel and see all the beauty of the UK and then travel abroad! (:

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