Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday Blues

...YOU have the Monday Blues?

<------ Monday Morning Mantra!!!

Isn't it so negative to associate the colour 'blue' with a day in the week and then just ruin everything?!

I mean, you end up 'hating' Monday's, then you start hating the colour blue, and then you start hating everything that is blue and like, what if on a Monday a big blue happy bear came up to you and said; 'Hey there buddy, its a Monday - Happy Monday!!!' What would your reaction be???

**Picture if you will!**

Why do people suffer from the Monday blues?

If we look at this and dissect it from all angles then we realise that the true reason why people have the Monday blues is because they are not happy with their current state, their life maybe lacking some important meaning and their soul is yearning for happiness.

The 'simple' solution? Give meaning to your life and start living the life YOU dream and will be happy with!

*Ducks before all those rotten tomatoes come my way*

Okay, okay - I get it, something happened at home, with friends or at work etc etc and so its lingered on and now you have to return to work on a Monday (weekend you could lie in and never get out of bed, never face the world - or go out and party hard until you woke up and realised you weren't in familiar surroundings - and by the way, both these types of scenarios do happen and aren't good for anyone!) BUT don't ruin the start of YOUR week on negative thoughts - because whether this kinda makes sense to you or not - the only one not happy is YOU and its YOUR week that will be ruined - everyone else will be getting on with what they want to get on with - so why do you want to start YOUR week on a downer?

**Reflection Moment**

Easy said than done! So is a lot of things in life, but we get on with it when we have to, right?

Listen, this is about YOU - so before the week begins for YOU then do the quick following exercise. Grab your journal or pen and paper and write down all the negative thoughts and feelings you're having and why they happened. Do a bubble map or mind map and let things out - just get them out your system - this is your cleansing time. Once all those thoughts are out then close your eyes and picture your perfect Monday - see everything, feel everything, smell the beautiful smells (perfumes, spring, nature, baked cakes) and feel the warm energy flow all around you and inside you, taste the tastes and use all your senses to feel your perfect Monday!

Then when you're full inside - with all the warm positive feelings and feeling happy then open your eyes and plan for your day ahead - whatever it is that you will be doing. Jump into bed (make sure you sleep in wudu (ablution)), say your prayers, and make intention to wake up for Fajr prayer (dawn prayer). When you start your day for the Monday (at whatever time - work/school/college/Uni - whatever) just before you leave for your day then close your eyes and quickly but surely run your perfect Monday in your mind - feel all the emotions you felt when you did the exercise the night before and then open your eyes and say; 'I'm going to have a Rocking Monday', say the Basmallah (starting with the name of Allah (God)) and then just go for it - and whatever happens - keep repeating your new Monday Mantra!'

So, on that note - wherever you are in the Universe (reading this); 'Have a Rocking Monday'!!! (=

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