Monday, 6 June 2011

Be Authentic!

...To live a successful, productive, powerful, energetic, fulfilled and spiritual life you have to 'Be Your Authentic Self.'

***What does this mean?***

It means being who you were created to be.

It means your soul being happy in your body.

It means accepting your flaws and shortcomings and working to better yourself.

It means celebrating your strengths and achievements.

It means having an 'Attitude of Gratitude' - thanking Allah (swt) at every point and really truly appreciating from within - from the soul.

***But what if the 'Authentic Me' is not so good?***

Simple - you work on yourself, daily!

Everyday we work on ourselves to make ourselves better - there is no such thing as perfect but YOU are the perfect YOU and there is only one of you - so nurture the YOU.

You were put in this world as a unique being so celebrate that and allow yourself to grow, learn, develop, mature and enjoy the one life you have in this world.

If you spend a life time of trying to be like someone else then you are only harming yourself as you will never be happy or fulfilled in any area of your life.

Don't compare your life to anyone elses - as each one of us has a unique journey and we are all travelling upon different roads.

When you are not the authentic you then you are being one way to one person and another way to someone else - a bit like lying - and we know that lying ultimately hurts only us.

So go ahead, make a vow today to start being the authentic you and working on your daily self-development - atleast 30 minutes each day.

When you are being your authentic self then all the doors of opportunites will open up to you, you will make a greater impact in the world and you we be the complete person that you were created to be.

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