Monday, 15 August 2011

Our Talk is Cheap - Our Ibaadah is Weak! God we Call Out yet our Souls we Sell Out. Mercy is Raining - but we're letting it wash away - no blessings gaining - in vain - because in fear and despair daily we're drowning - looking at each other and frowning - consumed in pain going insane - seriously though - that's just so lame.

Not all is lost - just liek the wintry frost - a season that comes and goes - remain focused on your goal - fill your bowl up with a daily portion of hope - keep away the deadly toxins and dope - hold on tight to that rope!

Which rope? The one of hope - leading back to the Divine - our Creator and Master - this life is going faster and faster - hold on tight and don't give in to your nafsi fight - take a flight and reach higher heights - that which will set your soul free and lead you to your divine decree.

Reach for the stars - that's your destiny - don't be fooled by evil - his place is behind bars - yours is high above with the stars.

One Life, One Chance, One Vision - live a life devoted to God and forget those divisions as in the end we stand together to be judged - this world is temporary - so your actions don't misjudge.

We are all one and come from the One - defend humanity - no insanity or profanity - but lead by example and learn the lessons from the Deen - step up on to the scene and invite all back to the this beautiful way - don't be mean and don't fall stray - let them be that way - just say your salaam and walk away!

Don't let our talk be cheap and let's strengthen our ibaadah so its becomes more stronger and not weak.

We have lots to learn - on a daily - let's fixup now so nothing but goodness we earn. If we fall short - its all good - get back up and let's turn - back to our Creator - the One and Only - this life is a gift - treat it with respect - don't pretend to be holy - it won't help us - as we shall all soon return to the One and Only! ©

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