Monday, 8 August 2011

Keep Strong...

...Because Allah is always with you - protecting you - so pledge you're allegiance to Him (swt)!

Just because the devils are chained during the month of Ramadan - doesn't mean our kareen is locked up! He's still whispering away. And he whispers so much that, if we end up listening to him - and on a continuous basis - then it becomes part of us - we start accepting it as for real and start acting upon it - and soon we mess up our soul so much that we start becoming evil and acting evil - in all our ways!

Now is the time - Ramadan - a spiritual uplifting time - to reconnect with Allah (swt), to fix up our ibaadah, to plan for our lives - here and akhirah, get those troubles shooted and ourselves back on track!

Make sure that when the devil returns you're strong enough to stand up to him - because you pledge allegiance to Allah!

I will leave you with this following note that my friend shared on her facebook status. Feel free to share with all! And Happy Ramadaning! (:

"...God doesn't have a Blackberry or an iPhone, but He is my favourite contact. He doesn't have Facebook, but He is my best friend. He doesn't have Twitter, but I follow Him, and He doesn't have internet, but I am connected to Him. And even if He has a great communication service, his customer service never puts me on hold. Copy and paste this as your status if you think GOD is GREAT..."

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  1. Nice one turbo..thnx for the good advice...may Allah accept all our siyam & prayers.