Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ramadan 2011: 30 Days 30 Themes

...Every year in Ramadan (well, since the last three years) I've put up something for Ramadan on my status on facebook - to inspire everyone - and to interact.

Ramadan is a time for spiritual upliftment and change - positive change.

This years inspiration came with; 'R2011: 30 Days 30 Themes'!

At Fajr time every Ramadan I will be (and have been) posting a theme. Its short sweet and to the point - and am inviting all my facebook buddies to participate.

Since not all of you are on social media sites (many hate facebook!) I've decided to keep you involved and interacted also.

On the right hand side, at the top, there are some sections; 'home, about, projects, cartoons' and below that there is a section called; 'Ramadan 2011...'.

I will be posting the status updates and comments I put on my facebook profile in this section here. So pop by every day and be inspired by the themes.

6 days are already up! So go on, click on that section and get inspiring and creating positive changes for your self and loved ones.

Please share this blog with all your loved ones who are not on facebook or who are on facebook and not on my friends list and I hope that you all benefit - I'm learning lots too!

Happy Ramadaning! (:

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