Monday, 9 January 2012

2012 Challenge

...Have YOU set a challenge for yourselves this year?

No, not like a 'New Years Resolution' - but a challenge - like something you haven't done before but now you will challenge yourselves?

OK, so here's my challenge for 2012...

...12 Months 12 Topics or Industries.

Basically this means that each month I'm going to delve deep into a topic that I studied way past in school days - like Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, etc - to some things I've never studied before like Anthropology, Philosophy, Astronomy, etc.

'Why?' I hear you ask...

Well, it's a good challenge and it's good for the brain - I mean challenging it with things it's never been challenged before and it's good to learn new stuff to increase one's personal knowledge and skills and I'm a firm believer in personal development, etc etc and basically because I love a challenge!

So, this month it is Quantum Physics - also because recently I became an 'Energy and Emotional Healing' therapist/practitioner and I want to learn more about this area and to increase the whole energy thing within me - it's fun, really!

So, this is my challenge for 2012.

What will YOU challenge yourselves with this year?

Let me know :)

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