Monday, 30 January 2012

The Traveller's Guide To The Qur'an

Sabeeling - The Traveller's Guide To The Qur'an; Brum, UK, 28th/29th Jan 2012

(Concluding notes from the weekend course I attended)

In a nutshell, a person has to have the following life-span plans - or in other words we need to set the following targets, iA:

Are YOU game? Good iA - here's the targets:

1. Target 1: Fix your relationship with the Book of Allah - the Qur'an. Make a target that by the end of 2012 you will perfect the recitation iA (Note - many online resources available for free to help you recite properly, utilize them iA).

2. Target 2: Make the Qur'an a part of your life and do not abandon it. It has all the answers for your life. Solutions to everything are in this Book. It is a guidance for us all.

3. Target 3: Make a plan to memorize the Qur'an. In old age when illnesses and diseases hit us and we cannot recite the Qur'an from memory we will really regret it.

4. Target 4: To go through the meaning of the verses and meaning of the Book - i.e. study the tafsir.

Also: Use time accordingly - make use of many short periods of time that are neglected, be organised on a daily, make sure you have access to the Qur'an always.

Finally: You cannot give your child any better gift than the gift of the Qur'an!

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