Monday, 16 January 2012

Attitude Check!

...This quote basically says it all!

It really, truly is all about our attitude - and our attitude can make or break.

Think about it for a moment - no one else has control over our attitude - it's something you and I possess - it's what each individual has - and we can all take charge and fix it up.

It's our attitude that determines the outcome of any circumstance or situation.

Next time you're in hot water just step back a moment, take a deep breath and then react.

Elders always say in Urdu; 'Think with a cold/cool mind'. And they are right because if we do cool down then we will react more calmly and the situation will cool down - and we can come up with creative ideas to solve the issues.

So, team turBo flow - let's check our attitude and let's fix it up insha'Allah - for as Winston Churchill; 'Attitude is a little thing which makes a big difference!'.

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