Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ceasefire or NO ceasefire – that is the Question! War On Gaza

“Day 15 – I woke up and smiled – looked around my room and it felt peaceful, then all of a sudden I heard a strange, loud sound – I got out of my bed and looked out the window and saw something big coming towards my house – it came right through my window – THE END!”

Is this how someone would be feeling right now in the Gaza strip? Or has this become a norm for them? Would there be such a scenario and then, ‘The End’? Well truth be known none of us can feel what the people in Gaza are feeling right now – or have felt since the War on Gaza started – its Day 15 now – and there seems to be no end to this violent massacre of innocent lives – among them many women, children and babies! (Yes little angels who came into this world and have no clue as to why they have been suddenly taken away in such a horrific way).

Have you watched all the different News Channels? Well i’m not going to mention any names – I don’t really need to, as you all would know which is which, and who is saying what – but some News Channels report the war as, ‘War In Gaza’ and some as ‘War On Gaza’ – I know it’s just two simple words – ‘in’ and ‘on’, but it’s amazing how it can change the meaning of the whole issue.

People around the globe, including here in the UK, have been demonstrating, protesting, writing to prominent figures, lobbying, boycotting and ensuring that the word is out and basically everyone is doing their part to create awareness.

This should all continue – the Security Council on Friday passed a resolution (despite USA not voting) to end the War and agree on an immediate Ceasefire – but this has not been accepted by either side involved in the war – so, continues the fighting, the bombs, the rockets and the loss of innocent lives.

What I would like to point out in this blog is that there should be more awareness on the legal side of what is happening – i.e what the role of the UN is and what the Security Council can do and how this issue can be resolved – why? Well i’m from a legal background and currently studying LLM International Human Rights at Uni and it wasn’t until I started attending my Public International Law lectures that the whole Human Rights, Genocide, UN and its members etc started to make sense.

I think people in the legal profession should hold workshops for ordinary people who are not familiar with this area and create awareness. I say this because when something like this happens (War/Genocide) many people become hot-headed and hot-tempered and say or do things which may actually make the situation worse. Ofcourse it’s not their fault! It would be like, urm, a medical issue, and i’m not from a medical background – but let’s say that some form of medical negligence has taken place – well my reaction to it is going to be different to those from a medical background – and once they have explained the situation to me, then I act accordingly.

Yes we should continue with demos, protests, lobbying, boycotting – but I think there should also be long term projects – which deal with community awareness and explaining how certain national/international legal factors work – which we could all get involved in – and we could all learn (that’s not to say that everyone has to read for a law degree and become barristers/solicitors) but so we know how to react and how to explain these issues to the wider community.

What do you all think?

In the meantime let’s all continue with our efforts to highlight the War On Gaza and continue praying also – remember the power of prayer – it can change everything. May Allah (swt) show us all a way to help those in need, may He accept everyone’s efforts to help bring an end to the war and may the suffering of the people of Gaza end soon – Ameen!

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