Thursday, 8 January 2009


Knock Knock!

Whoze there?



JUSTICE - let me through i need a word wid u

But what have i done?! leave me be!

NO! i wanna make u free - don't u c?, contemplate, it aint too late, at dis rate u wont have a clean slate.

I want u 2 taste d sweetness of heaven, not run into you at the 7/11

JUSTICE - I'm all around u, i surround u - use me before hell astounds u

JUSTICE - in your words, in your dealings, with your kith n kin - it'll purify you from sin

JUSTICE - contemplate, u have a brain, don't play insane - let me through n i'll teach u

Look around and c, don't accuse each other falsely - it will lead u to hell, that everlasting cell - only u will be able to tell

JUSTICE - use me freely, i won't charge, i won't even barge - i ask your permission - enter into His submission

Play your cards right, stand up and fight - for me JUSTICE

I will be by your side, through every tide and roller coaster ride

JUSTICE - please don't hide

JUSTICE - now u see, i told you i was free - u used me

JUSTICE - look ahead the golden gate - now at dis rate u will have a clean slate

JUSTICE - contemplate, it aint 2 late
(Copyright (c) 2007 turBo mc)

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