Friday, 23 January 2009

Time Is Not Money, Nor Gold – It Is Life & It Is Limited!

...He will say: “What number of years did you stay on earth?” They will say: “We stayed a day or part of a day, but ask those who keep account.” He will say: “You stayed not but a little, if you had only known!” (Surah 23, Verses 112 – 114).

I’m GUILTY! We’re all guilty of it at some point in life (sometimes – we’re always guilty of it!). “Aint got time!”, “Not enough hours in the day”, “The clock is ticking”, “If i’ve got time!”. Maaaan datz crazzzzzzzzzzy!

I’m snowed under alot of study at the moment – i’m the type who suffers from ‘delayed reactions’ in life (stop laughing it really isn’t funny!) I’ve just finally realised that i’m studying for a masters and I have alot to study and research – oh and then there’s the continuous ill health I suffer from, which doesn’t make it easy (BUT – illness is a purification, so I should in effect be happy and not complain).

But where does the time go, and what do we really do with our time? Do we use it wisely and make sure every moment is beneficial? Or is it wasted on idol stuff (here we can all choose which activities we spend wasting our time on).

So much happens in a short space of time – it only takes a moment for something to happen or not happen.

It is a reminder – when things happen, they remind us – we are but humans, and we need reminders and we need to remind each other.

Many people in the world see time as ‘money’ and ‘gold’. Why? Because they spend all their efforts and ‘time’ achieving a specific goal which usually involves money – because money can buy you ‘pretty’ things and make you feel good about oneself (as if!)

There is no certainty in this world or in our life but the certainty of death – think about it, once we’re 6ft under – well it’s all over isn’t it? (all over for us as in the connection in the living world – but here’s where the journey to the next world begins) – or does it begin in the ‘living world’? So we should work for the next world, in this world – make sense? Good!

This life and world is only a test – and it really will be over soon – those who are already 6ft under – its over for them – there’s no turning back!

Time really isn’t money, nor is it gold – it is life and it is limited – we can be taken at any moment – this moment could be our last. Let’s all work hard in this life, so we can reap the rewards in the next life. This life will be a tough and rough road, don’t let it hold you back – work on your dreams and your goals and remember at every point renew your intention – and remember the Almighty – He gave you life, He will take it back! Everything we do is for Him and Him alone!

Note to self: I shall not waste time! I will make the most of it and achieve all that I need to. Allah (swt) has blessed me with one life in this world only – and it is one which is limited – I shall live by Him and die by Him.

Ahhh writing is sooo sooo therapeutic!

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