Monday, 11 January 2010

Just Go Do It!

...It's as simple as that - Just Go Do It!

No, I'm not promoting a new Nike sports line for 2010 or new trainers - I'm simply saying - Just Go Do It! And in fact, it's not only me saying it - but you'll find someone, somewhere across the globe uttering this phrase - Just Go Do It - I mean the UK has decided to Just Go Do It - what about YOU?

Just Go Do It is a phrase that can be used for whatever situation or issue in our lives - however in today's blog I am talking about something specific.
As Muslims we have our Fundamentals to believe in, live them and practise them. The five pillars of Islam - the Fundamentals - are; 1. The Declaration of Faith, 2. Prayer, 3. Alms-Giving, 4. Fasting in the month of Ramadhan and 5. Pilgrimage to the House of God.
We all know that to 'err is to human and to forgive Divine' and also a human is liable to forget and needs reminding - throughout his/her journey in life.
As Muslims the five Pillars are essential elements of Islam (on the basic levels - we could get deeper here - but maybe another post). What happens if one pillar falls? Breaks? Is crooked? the whole structure would fall and crumble. Likewise in Islam the Five Pillars keep the structure strong and makes it whole - it makes us 'whole' Muslims.
However, as mentioned above, we are human, we forget and sometimes we are lead by the whisperings of the evil of our own soul - and forget that if any one pillar is crooked then the whole system would fall - we would fall and break and shatter into tiny pieces.
Prayer - Salah - keeps us focused, grounded and we communicate with our Lord. It calms us, purifies us, protects us and makes us humble. It is essential in our lives. But again, many Muslims 'choose' to ignore this and forget to pray - and as a result - fall!
He, Allah, The Most High Says;“And I [God] did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me” (Al Qur'an 51:56)
Alkauthar Institute and Mercy Mission UK have come up with a new campaign and in their own words they say; "...So if you have abandoned the prayer, and yet want to be a Muslim, its time you started praying! No future resolutions, No, I am young, No, when I am older, No, I am not ready for it, No Excuses – Just Go Do It!"
And it's as simple as that - Just Go Do IT!
The campaign launches on 20th January and YOU are invited! Go to and sign up. Just Go Do It is also on Facebook - so join the group and invite everyone to join and sign up.
Are YOU going to 'Just Go Do It?' - I Am! :)


  1. Great blog Nadia,i enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!! :)