Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bitterly Sweet - The Cadbury Chocolate Factory

11.5 Billion to take over the worlds most loved chocolate??? Are they serious - the buyers and the sellers?

Yes, i know, there has been alot of other worthy news stories I could have blogged about - but I chose the choco story - it's very close to my heart!
You all know about 'Roald Dahl' - you all read his books when you were little and you all know about 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - well the inspiration for that book came from Cadbury's Choc Factory and Roald Dahl said that that when he was little the chocolate factory used to ask young children (including him and his friends) to taste new chocolate products for them and to approve (how cool is that?!).
Cadbury's is very close to my heart because its origins are in Birmingham, UK - my home town - and i grew up on that chocolate - sweet, sweet memories!
But what really struck me today whilst watching the news was the takeover bid by Kraft's (who have a crap record of employee relations as well as closing down factories across the globe). OK, agreed - recession and the financial crisis - but can someone be really that desperate to buy a chocolate factory? (Maybe the CEO of Kraft's is really like Veruca or Violet from Roald Dahl's book) - clearly it is all about the money!
People are fearing for their jobs - as anyone would in this situation - and the government can't intervene (they gave up their rights in intervening in these issues last decade - knit wits!) and once again the so called 'Super Power' of the world has succeeded in taking over something oh so sweet and precious and have left us all with a bitter taste in our mouths!
I'm not against Americans or the American people - hey y'all are family dude! - I'm just not happy with the ones who are in such a powerful position to take over yet another Brit Pride! Its all about the money for some, eh?
What a bitter way to start the new decade!
I shall continue to enjoy my bars of Cadbury Chocolate - and honestly hope there are no job losses at the Bournville factory and hope Kraft's can keep to their promise!
We love you Cadbury - you shall forever remain in our hearts and stomachs!

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