Monday, 18 January 2010

Police Powers v Abuse of Powers

How do we feel - you and I - when those entrusted with the responsibility, authority and duty to protect us are the ones who end up abusing us? Whom then does one turn to? (The Lord!, I hear you all saying - and a fantastic answer - pat yourself on the back - we really are on the same page!) :-D

Police brutality (such a harsh word 'brutality', I know) isn't a new phenomenon in our societies - whichever one we are in (this blog has become global - so it could be happening where you are) - but has been going on for a long long time. Is it because man has been empowered with such a duty that he (she) feels obligated to exert his/her 'power' in whatever way 'to make them feel good or more powerful than you?' You know like a bully at school picking on someone younger - just because they are younger! Or is there something in their training? Are they conditioned into being the abusers rather than helpers? Is something sinister happening here? Hmm
I blog about this because almost a year ago there was an incident which affected me very deeply and left me scared for some time after. The police force and their job to protect us was something I valued and respected a lot (I'm from the legal background myself - so we're on the same team) and I know - just because there is one bad apple - we can't chop away the entire tree - because really it does bear good fruit! But - this incident did affect me and got me thinking more and more about all those across UK and ofcourse worldwide who get stopped daily by the police - 'stop and search' procedures as well as the whole terrorist incidents that we had - but again if you and I can say, 'it's just one bad apple' then why can't they? Yes, they have a job to do and they need to protect society and national security and all that - but really, honestly - there are some very nasty characters working for the police force!
Police have certain powers, to stop and search - if they suspect you of lets say drugs or terrorist behaviour or something - but randomly stopping every next person (actually every next person who looks like the dude who was last caught playing with things that he shouldn't have been - maybe it was a school science project?). They can also come to your house with a warrant - detailing the reason for the search etc - but honestly, after the incident that happened, I truly believe that they are abusing their powers - or what powers the law has given them. I said to one senior officer; 'I was born in this country (UK) and I work for the law and I respected the police force - up until today - for if I'm injured or hurt in anyway then the last number I would dial is 999'!
No one should ever feel the way i felt at that point - but hey I'm human and it hurt!
There is alot of 'Abuse of Powers' now! I mean, the last decade - because of all the terrorist attacks - the amount of police brutality has increased and continues to increase. More of the local areas are policed - and I feel that again it is to show the communities, 'look who is more powerful'.
All of us at some point are given some 'powers' - authority over something. It is a duty to uphold it to the best of our abilities - to succeed at what we are doing - BUT not to abuse those powers!
Ultimately there is only One power that is mightier than any human authority on planet earth - and doh! who gave man the ability to act in a powerful way anyway? We all know what Pharaoh said and we all know what happened to him!
All i can say, on a positive note is, believe in the one who created you (depends on your beliefs) and as Muslims believe, 'If Allah brought you to it, then He will take you through it - successfully!'
Do be vigilant and don't act naive - time to smarten up dude and get with it! - We need to be with it to get through it and 'what don't kill you only makes you stronger'.
All across the globe we see some form of police brutality and abuse of powers - we need to get together and do something about it - we need the police force - their purpose is to protect us and ensure society is safeguarded from harm - however they should not abuse their powers - then they don't even deserve the job they are in! We need to raise awareness about this issue and start a campaign or something...something...
Stay safe peeps - wherever you are - and truly - there is always that one bad apple - lets not chop the whole tree down - I may have had that one bad experience in life - but I won't let it haunt me - and you may also have had that one bad experience - but there is still good amongst the rotten apples - lets just remind them when they need reminding! :-D

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