Monday, 12 July 2010

Viva La Espana - Campeones del Mundo!

...Felicitaciones Espana - Campeones del Europa y Mundo de futbol!

Si, turBo habla espanol bastante bien! ;)

Well I did say - 'may the best team win' and they did - so congrats to Spain for their fantastic achievement - they truly deserve it - and congrats to all the teams who made it to the qualifying stages of the World Cup and participated - they all played exceptionally well (except the English side - and I may be patriotic - but they played crap - simple!).

I enjoyed watching the World Cup with my familia - hope you all enjoyed it too! And, ofcourse, there is a lesson to learn and a moral of the story (there's always one - if we look hard enough we'll find it) - and the lesson is 'hard work, determination, persistence, perseverance, team work, passion and hope'!

Have a fantastic week peeps :)

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