Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Thirsty For More...

...Inspiration, Motivation and the company of Great Contemporary Achievers - turBo loves it! :)

You know in today's busy and crazy life - some people are so self-centred - I mean, it's OK to have 'Me Time' - and we need it, and in fact we should at least spend 10 minutes every night analysing our day and what we achieved, what happened, what we could improve - so continuous self development and self improvement - but to think that the entire world is against us and we shall think of only ourselves - now that is wrong and just makes one bitter!

There are many people in this world who have devoted their lives - firstly to bettering themselves (understanding the purpose of their life, creation, existence) making the most of their lives and giving back to the world - helping you and I and everyone in between achieve the life we want, we desire and truly fulfil the reason for our existence.

The following two dudes are more than inspirational and they are such motivational speakers that they are helping turBo in her quest and mission to inspire the universe (wait for business number 3 which I am piloting at the moment and due to launch on 1st November) it will be local, national and international - so hope to see you in a arena near you to inspire and motivate you - strictly turBo flow style (I will be using my real name lol).

So, here you go - if you haven't heard of these dudes then here's their website, have a visit and have a fantastic day! (many of you have already been inspired by them - but for those who haven't then today could be the change you envisage!) :)

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