Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Health is Wealth!

It's a reminder to myself firstly and foremostly (it sounds more real when written or said out aloud) and then to all my readers that 'Health is Wealth' and both work together side by side - for a better life (all areas of ones life).

Yes, I know that you already know that - but we're human beings and we forget and we need constant reminders.

Allah (swt) created us and put us in this world to worship Him and to live our dreams - and spread his deen. To do this we need to be healthy. We need to be healthy so we don't tire easily whilst spreading His (swt) deen and working in His way.

It is true that we will never be like angels - working 24/7 for Allah (swt) and never resting and never tiring. But on the Day of Judgment we will be asked about our health - how we spent our good and healthy days and what we did to spread His (swt) deen.

Fresh vegetables and fruit, lots of water and exercise, frequent breaks and fresh air, short holidays and regular visit to the doctors, and not forgetting sleep - that should do the trick!

I post this as a reminder because I am one of those individuals who suffers from continuous ill health and yet I wish to achieve and accomplish so much before my end days. I know that all ailments and illnesses - even a prick from a thorn - expiates our sins (and I'm grateful for Allah's mercy on that - see I rather get my sins expiated in this world than burn in hell in the hereafter!) but that doesn't mean we ignore our body and our health.

We need to listen to our body and soul - it talks to us and tells us when it is hurting and when it is in pain. When our soul is hurting then we should nourish it with prayers and reciting the Qur'an. And when our body is hurting then we should give it the necessary TLC!

I'm on a new mission to look after myself properly and I hope you will join me on this mission - for surely 'Health is our ultimate Wealth' - not just the paper money but the fact that by having good health we can worship Allah (swt) easily and can achieve all our dreams and ambitions!


  1. [Do, however, keep exhorting them; for exhortation benefits those endowed with faith.] (51:55)
    Prophet (SAW) said, ”Your body has a right upon you.”
    Thanks Turbo...May Allah's countless blessing be upon you always. :)

  2. Ameen, and the same for you too Angel! :)