Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A New Arrival...

...turBo is now on BlackBerry!

It's a phone!

...OK, so this piece of information is probably abit useless to you - I mean, really, why do you need to know, or why would you want to know every detail about my life? I think its called anthropology!

Well, I usually come and blog here on a Mondays - why Mondays - well something during the week would've happened that would inspire me to write. But I've sat here for some time now and I can't think - I'm very tired - but I'm still going to blog something - I think I have bloggers block!

So, I thought, let you all know about a new arrival in my life - a BlackBerry! It's fantastic and I'm still getting used to it. If you would like the pin for the messenger then leave a comment on this post.

Well...that's it! I have a BlackBerry. Well I did say this post was somewhat pointless!

I shall return during the week if I'm inspired to share something with you all - in the meantime, don't be afraid to browse the blog - there's plenty of posts to keep you entertained and inspired til dawn!

Better still, let me know how your week has been - and hey, inspire me with something! :)

(ps - just count how many times I've used the word 'well' in this blog today! lol)

1 comment:

  1. LOOL turBo,I thought it's baby :P congrats to you for your BlackBerry ^_____^