Monday, 29 November 2010

Limiting Beliefs!

...We all have them - or have had them!

What are they? Well, simply put, in turBo terminology - a limiting belief is a belief which stops you from doing something you really want to do because you believe you can't do it for whatever reason you may have. Limiting beliefs come from childhood or if something has happened - like maybe a tragedy or accident - it could be anything really which now stops you moving froward to what you want to do. So for example, you don't apply for all those top posts and jobs which pay x amounts because you believe that you don't deserve it and money is all roots of evil and you've had some form of negative experience with it.

Limiting beliefs are also deeply ingrained in our sub-conscious mind that we don't even realise that they are there and that they influence our decision - like the example above - automatically dismissing those job vacancies.

*Lets my readers ponder a moment*

I went for my NLP skills update day on Saturday in Manchester. It was one mission alright - but I enjoyed it, learnt alot and purchased two fantastic books!

Before I left, I asked the trainer about limiting beliefs and said I have two which I am working on but give me some tips please to get rid of them and move forward - like asap!

And here is the valuable tip - or should I say lesson - I learnt - turBo translation;

"Limiting Beliefs come from something which happened to us and as you move forward in life and you try to 'fight them' or 'realise' that they exist and are trying hard to get rid of them - they are actually moving you forward from the state that you were in, to a state you are moving into - they were who you were then, but that is not who you are now as that chapter has ended and you are in a new chapter or phase now. Respect those limiting beliefs as they were once a part of your life at that stage, and the fact that you have recognised them and are conscious about them means that you are moving away from them - and basically it will all be OK and you will become who you want to be and succeed in your dreams, ambitions, goals etc"!

So, if you have overcome your limiting beliefs, then congratulations, well done! And if like me you still have some and are working on them, then take the above to heart, reflect on it and be assured that you're on the right path to your ultimate success - and soon it will all be OK. I left the venue on Saturday - I smiled and said to myself - Hamdullilah (praise be to Allah) its all going to be OK now! :)

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