Monday, 16 May 2011

...I stumbled upon this last week via facebook and checked it out and signed up!

Check it out: - Your online majlis for Islamic Studies.

Currently they have a ***FREE*** 9 week course on Surah Maryam (Mary - Mother of Prophet Jesus) and you get to memorize the Surah - couple of verses each week - reciting with the teacher.

The vids are all prerecorded so you get to watch them in your own time and you can download the audio so you can memorize the verses throughout the week.

Its week 2 and since I signed up pretty late last week I have two vids to catch up on and 11 verses to start memorizing! And I shall do that straight after I have posted this - well I can't sign up to something rocktastic and not let you all know about it.

So, check out their website and sign up! Oh and don't forget to forward it to all your contacts so we can all benefit.

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