Monday, 30 May 2011

You Owe Me!

....Big Time!

We hear these three words a lot and I'm sure you've used them sometime in your life also - I know I have! (maybe minus the 'Big Time' bit - but that's how I would say it).

Whether its in jest or in a heated argument - these words have been used and we want something from that somebody whom we are talking to at that point (*fill in the blanks with whatever it is 'they' have owed you*) - we believe that they owe us! Maybe they have hurt us so now its pay-time. Maybe you did a favour for someone and you just remind them that; 'Remember dude - You Owe Me! (big time/on this one/one day/money etc).

But why should anyone owe us anything? Who are we to ask and want? Why is it always; 'me, me, me?'.

This whole thing about; 'You Owe Me' can become very selfish and also a vicious cycle - because it can create a 'victim mentality' where we feel that someone has wronged us and now they owe us.

It all depends on if and how someone has been hurt - some I'm not labeling it all in this one big group - I'm just talking about it in general terms - for if you have borrowed someone money, well then they do owe you of course (interest free!).

Keeping an attitude of gratitude is a must for us as it can help us progress in life - otherwise we will be stuck in a rut feeling that its always 'us' being wrong so everyone in this world must be the bad one!

I'm leaving you with a quote as today's 'Reflection Moment'. Please copy/paste and write it down in your diaries, journals, whatever and do share it (and this post and this blog) with all your loved ones. Remember, if you have benefited then please pass the benefit on as you don't know whose life you may touch and change! :)

****Monday Reflection Moment****

...“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” Mark Twain

I know! So simple and straight forward - yet so profound!!!

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