Monday, 23 May 2011

You've Been Fitna'd!

So, let's get straight into it for this Monday.

Its an observational post - that is I've observed this issue A LOT and now I can't stay quiet so I have to share my thoughts.

Its a 'reflection + action = results' type of a post.

***Fitna is overrated on Social Media!***

Yes, I said it! And before you think I'm challenging Holy Scriptures or work of scholars - far from it! - I'm not (as I said its an observational piece) - so hang on to your *astagfirullah's* for abit!

On popular social media we have today's youth (the elders don't say much on this) becoming social media scholars - in that they think its OK to go around telling everyone that their actions are right, wrong, in accordance to Islam or not and...if they are the cause of FITNA!

Fitna - what is it? Its trials, tribulations, problems, issues temptations...

Many people on social media say that one should not use it because it causes a lot of 'fitna' between the genders, illicit relations can form between them and this is a big bad thing for our society - for our deen (that stuff can happen and has happened and is happening - no denying).

They claim that we should not use social media and we are wasting our time, causing 'fitna' and its corrupting our pure innocent minds.

Its that bad that people dedicate their statuses, notes and even spend hours in groups discussing the horrific effects of fitna and how we should use our time wisely. They even spend hours discussing and arguing on other peoples wall and status comments.

Check this out - the same people who claim that social media is fitna'ing us and it is so so bad for us and killing our time are still there - YES! They are still there - I'm like, hello?!

*Pause - think - reflect - ponder*

(***Hears a chorus of; 'Oh yeeeaaeah...'***)

Here's my simple take on it in bullet point form (you're free to agree/disagree - I'm still gonna say it!).

a) Social media and new age technology is not a form of fitna but our own mentality is the cause of it becoming a fitna - ie use your brain and judge for yourself - *be wise*

b) If someone is using social media for the wrong reasons - why are you still interacting with them?! (*Doh!*)

c) Did you know that God actually gave you 'aql' - intellect - you can use it you know - its free - we all have it - top up is free as well - learn knowledge and put it into practice! Simple

d) Yes I know 1400 years ago there was no Internet - there was no cars and planes either - stop using them - God gave us legs, right? - So stop using excuses

e) Create more awareness - youth clubs, events - hey, have a seminar or event - even webinar highlighting this issue - as in raising awareness

f) The Prophet of Islam was sent as a 'Mercy' to mankind - he was told by his Lord - the Creator of all - to be gentle and merciful when inviting people, talking to them and reasoning with them. However there is a serious lack of that happening today.

g) Do not confuse arrogance with assertiveness - completely different - and arrogance has its roots from the accursed shaytaan - so beware of the trap - again use your aql

h) Everyone is on a different level on the deen - and some are not even on the deen - so at least do your homework so you know how to deal with different people - ie you cant treat a 24month old baby the same as a 24 year old!

i) Did you know that this whole 'br/sr that is fitna/mind your modesty/no you mind your modesty/no you should blah blah blah' is in fact also fitna?

j) Just because we may have learnt a couple of things on our deen does not elevate us to scholarly level (unless your a scholar reading this - then you know the hours, days, nights you have put into learning the deen).

k) Etiquette's of Manners - we all need to learn more about this - as this forms our daily life!

l) This is a Big One - stop adding the opposite gender and interacting with them on social media if its going to cause you fitna!!! Simple!

So, there you have it - a little about fitna and how to stay away from it - from a lay person - as i said I'm an observer and I'm not acting as an authority on this subject.

Finally peeps - lets practice what we preach - and if we do and make sincere supplication to our Creator - Allah - then He (swt) will help us through it all!

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