Monday, 2 May 2011

Ladies - Are You The Queen of Sheba?

...Or have you ever dreamt about being the Queen of Sheba - (or the Queen of your household? Or just a Queen?)

Would you like yo be Queen???

Ofcourse YOU do! I mean who wouldn't? (unless if you're a male reading this - please answer in the negative!....But, you could always be King Solomon?)

Take me for instance - I'm turBo Queen (and I have lots of names so I add 'queen' or 'princess' at the beginning or end of my name(s)).

And NO, this has nothing to do with the recent 'Royal Wedding' here in the UK - though I guess the timing is right.

I'm talking about a book. And I'm recommending a book to you all (just finished reading it today). It's for you all ladies and if the gents want to read it - well then erm, ok! (I don't discriminate!) (=

The Book is called 'Release Your Inner Queen of Sheba' written by Heba Alshareef.

Visit the website on: - get your copy of the book, read it and be the Queen that YOU were created to be!

And the gents reading this (if you're reading this - no compulsion!) then make your ladies happy - buy them a copy of this book! Trust me, they'll love you til eternity (and your roti might just be on time on the table!)

I would give a book review - but honestly I just want you to buy the book and read it. And you know turBo Queen only recommends the best!

I Am Sheba - I Am Queen - Are You? :)

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