Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Umicom - A New Social Networking Site

Just when you thought you had signed up to all the social networking sites on the net and there couldn't be another one - not yet? We're still signing up to the others...

Well, in my previous blog we looked at the rise of Social Media - and how we can use the Internet to benefit us. In this blog entry I introduce you to 'Sammy Hegab' - the founder of - a new social networking site - and no its not like the others, it has something special - it has more! :)

Check out the following interview with Sammy Hegab as he tells us all about Umicom - and at the end of it don't forget to visit the site and sign up - yup you guessed right - I'm on there! ;)
Bismillah walhamdullilah wasalatu wasalamu ala Rasoolilah wa’ala alihi wa’sahbihi wa manwala, wa ba’ad - Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuhu
Brother Sammy – Jazaakumullah Khair for this quick short snappy interview with turBo flow blog. To begin with;

1. A bit about yourself please:
I’m not a doctor or a scholar or an Engineer or anything of title or status. I am nothing more than a Servant, a servant of Allah and I am very ambitious. My only dream in life is to provide a service to Mankind. To provide a service that would benefit others. I have always been into programming since I was 13 years old, and I have always been interested in business, economics, religion and humanitarian projects which really makes me who I am now. I like to live life with a purpose. Worship is not only prayer and fasting, Worship can be everything we do as long as we do it for the sake of our creator and not for any other reason. One story which really inspired me was about a man who wanted to be great and the prophet told him to find a way to serve the MANY for service to Many Leads to GREATNESS.

2. Where and why did you come up with the idea of

I’ve always wanted to start my own community but I was motivated after I noticed facebook and other social communities do not have control over abusive attack on islam, I had previously setup the first Arabic social community called which is now being replaced by which would be the ultimate social community which would integrate all social communities such as facebook, Myspace, Bebo, LinkedIn. Prior to this Umicom had been my dream since I was 17 years old, I always wanted to setup my own business not to make money but to create wealth for myself and others. A business which would one day fund causes, in short a Prepretual charity. I never liked when the mosque needed funding and they would go round asking for donations, rather I dreamed that one day I can setup a system to fund schools, education and help others setup businesses.. Umicom is the answer to this dream. The Word Umicom comes from the word Yamokum which means Your Day and when I was looking for a name I looked in the Quran for inspiration. It was then when I came across the word Yamokum 5 times which then I decided to name my company Umicom. Umicom, is not about Money, Umicom is not about Love, Umicom is all about a Day…and its your day too.
3. Why now – with Umicom?
Umicom is looking to expand rapidly across the world by developing strategic relationships with technology companies that would work with us to improving the services within the community. Umicom would provide a halal alternative to Social Community. Unlike facebook we are not funded by CIA nor owned by any government and therefor we are completely independent, Umicom is a community by the members for the members, Umicom was my dream now it is OUR Dream. The Future is in OUR hands.

4. What is the difference between Umicom and Facebook and other social networks?
The major difference is revenue sharing, 50% of all advertising revenue from the company is then shared out to the members whom qualify for shares. I am giving bonus shares for the first 100 members whom join before end of November’2009 The other big difference in Umicom you can start your own shop and sell direct to the members within the community and outside the community.

5. Who is it for and how can people join it? is for everyone, whether they are a business owner or a student or someone with a dream to make a change in the world. Umicom is the place for Business Owners, Charity organisations, and Social users.

6. Any other projects you are working on or will work on in the near future
Yes, I have many projects in development and they will ultimately be integrated into one of the projects is called which is the first global news portal gathers news from across the world on Muslims, Islam and lists them in one location. Works similar to a search engine except that it is constantly gathering the latest hot news and updates itself.

7. How can readers contact you for more info?
They can start by joining and adding me as a friend. I always reply when anyone sends a message on Umicom or chats to me on

8. Any last thoughts for the turBo flow readers?

Pursue your dream and never give up. What ever you want to do in life always try to work in a group, Peace, Love and Unity in the Community.

Jazaakumullah Khair – I hope you’re site becomes very successful and hope all the readers join it! W’salaam

(Peeps don't forget to check it out and join!

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  1. Thanks TurboFlow for this interview. I wish
    you too all the success.

    Exclusive for all your members whom join before end of November'2009 they will potentailly be given 1 share in Umicom each, subject to them joining and activily inviting friends to our community.

    Peace be upon you all :)
    Sammy Hegab