Monday, 9 November 2009

Social Media - The New Phenomenon!

A new phenomenon - taking over the world - the rise of Social Media!

What is Social Media? It is a way that you and I connect with the world - this blog, for instance, is also part of the social media phenomenon - as well as many social networking sites (yeah, I know you're joined on them - me too!) A new way in which we communicate with one another. And its not only adults who use it - young children are also using it to communicate with their friends.
As the Internet becomes wide spread and every home has a PC, laptop, palmtop, whatever else top they will make (surely they can't make a thumb top? or have they already? well, actually they can, but that's just too silly)...
Social Media is the #1 activity on the net - and it has become the new Revolution!
Below is a YouTube video which has been doing its rounds lately - it has been widely circulated - and it is definitely an eye opener - I mean I was like wooooooooooow!
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.
I would like to say that we have been blessed with alot of new technological advances - and we should use them for the good - these mediums can easily be abused and misused (as we know that alot of our youngsters can fall into the hands of pedophiles after chatting to them online). I would say use Social Media - use it to expand your studies, work, business, knowledge and even making new friends across the globe. I mean we have so many people to meet in life and such diverse cultures to experience - there really is no excuse - all we have to do is google and its at our fingertips (do be cautious as alot of information can also be incorrect - so carry out a thorough search).
If you're thinking of expanding on your talents online - then consider this Social Media phenomenon - and think about how you can benefit from it as well as how you can help to make it a success.
So check out the vid and let me know your thoughts.

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